How to install samurai web testing framework (WTF) As Virtual Machine

In This Post I am gonna tell you about how to install Samurai Web Testing Framework as a Virtual Machine Samurai Web-testing Framework Or WTF is focused on web application testing. Samurai team has collected the top testing tools and preinstalled them to build the perfect environment for testing web applications. Samurai too is based on Linux version and it can also support both Live made and Hard disk install which makes it Good for our use. If You Are Not Interested In Installing Samurai you can choose another operating system too

Samurai web testing framework
Samurai WTF

(1).Download VirtualBox or VMware:

If your PC is 64 bit I suggest VMware Workstation.Download VMware Workstation Player. before download search little bit about your PC that whether it supports virtualization technology you can see it in BIOS.
Vmware Workstation.


For 32 bit supported Kernel Operating Systems.

You Must Need anyone of them For Installing Samurai WTF without deleting or Harming Windows.The installation Process Is Simple and doesn't need Any instructions but in case if you are stuck you Can Ask Without Hesitation.I guarantee the one who chooses VMware workstation will be in 80℅ less trouble.if they choose according to their kernel versions.

(2).Download Samurai WTF:

Downloading Samurai WTF is simple and easy Just Go to SourceForge Site And Click Download After download starts, wait for it to complete and then follow next step.

After download complete, you can see .ZIP file in download folder or where you selected if manually Just extract that .ZIP file anywhere On The Place your wants your guest Operating system to Be Kept.

Then go to the directory where you kept your guest os and Find The File with extension (.vmx and file type as VMWARE Disk Image) actually you got preinstalled virtual disk hence you don't need to re-size hard disk yourself.

(5)For Virtual Box.
Open virtual box click new to get the virtual hard Disk setting wizard and then  Select Name as Samurai which will be shown to you for differentiating different OS's and then select Type as Linux Version as UBUNTU

Now choose at least 1 GB of memory size That is RAM (Random access memory and click next.But please do not run Samurai WTF if you see the red line before 1 GB or you can be in trouble because sudden shutdowns were notified.

Now Select do not add a virtual Hard Disk because we downloaded ready-made virtual hard Disk which already allocated itself And Click Create.A Pop-up will appear click continue from it again.

Now Goto Settings Storage SATA add new disk select a file with extension. VMDK and open VMDK is the virtual hard disk extension for VirtualBox which is created by virtual Box itself when creating new Virtual Hard Disk.

Now Goto directory where you extracted your guest operating system and find the file with extension. VBOX And File type as VBOX file double click on it and you are ready. To Start..if found any trouble I am ready here with team viewer ;).

The default username and password for samurai is (
samurai ====USERNAME and PASSWORD) you will use it when logging in and doing any administrator task.Remeber Samurai is both username and password.

Thanks for reading about How to install samurai web testing framework (WTF).In Vmware And Virtual Box From Digital updates Please Do not hesitate at any cost to contact me if you feel any difficulty, errors or suggestions.

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