How To Install Live Hacking Os As Virtual Machine.Step by step

In This Niche Post, I am Gonna tell you how to install live hacking OS also known as anonymous OS as Virtual Machine On Both VMware and VirtualBox. But before Installation you should, you should Know what does Live means.If it doesn't seem good to you You Can Choose Any other Operating system.

Definition Of Live:

When word Live comes in Linux It means "Booting in such a way
 (1) In Which Installation
 (2) Hard Disk space 
Are not required." Means you can not backup or save your data in Hard Disk But still, you can do anything that you do when you installs it.

The installation process of Live Hacking is easiest because you are actually not going to install.But you will just boot it in Live mode.

(1)Downloading ISO File:
The ISO file is actually a virtual CD/DVD which is on your Hard Disk and can be burnt on your External Storages. i.e CD/DVD or USB.See Below pic to get help in downloading Live hacking operating system.

(2)Download ISO Burner:

Where else you can Download any ISO burner but I suggest you download DAEMON tool it is not as essential but it will provide a good way to run the live hacking operating system as a live mode.Because Live hacking OS cannot be installed on Hard disk as even it is not impossible but its installation is risky and complicated.
Download DAEMON Tool Lite.
Download DAEMON Tool Lite
Download DAEMON Tool Lite

(3)Download VirtualBox or VMware:

If your PC is 64 bit I suggest VMware Workstation.before download search little bit on your PC that whether it supports virtualization technology you can see it in BIOS.


If your PC is 32 bit only Virtualbox will work.And bear this In your mind you Have to choose 32-bit kernel operating system files because of these lines on virtual box's site."Please note that the package architecture must fit your host operating system architecture. So if you are running a 32-bit kernel on a 64-bit capable CPU you have to install the32-bit version (x86/amd64)".
You Must Need anyone of them For Installing Linux Distributions On Your PC without deleting or Harming Windows.The installation Process Is Simple and doesn't need Any instructions but in case if you are stuck you Can Ask Without Hesitation.I guarantee the one who chooses VMware workstation will be in 80℅ less trouble.if they choose according to their kernel versions.

Mounting Image:

Install DAEMON Tool Lite as you Install Other Softwares If Still, you found any Difficulties You Can See Their Installation Guide. After Completing Installation Just double Click your ISO Image and You will see it is mounted In My Computer.



People with VMware select typical installation.and click next to see beginners guided wizard which means the wizard will be easy and straightforward with tips on every step when you have to make big decisions.Or even small but complicated like you will find below asking all files in one partition or split files etc.

After selecting typical installation when asked for Select ISO File Select CD/DVD ROM and choose Drive name which DAEMON Tool named for e.g
DVD drive E: in my case.Remember it should be DAEMON assigned CD drive.

Now you will be prompt for name username and password choose whatever you want so it will be used in the installation or maybe when asked for username and password.For stopping others to start your Machine.

Now type name and location where you want to keep your guest operating.but we will use live mode so just set name and let VMware choose Location.

Now select Virtual disk space means the maximum space that can be consumed by operating for Live Hacking the minimum size is 20 GB but if you use 20-25 GB it will work smoother.Virtual Disk Space is actually a virtual/easily-removable Partition which will not hurt anything on your Hard Disk drive at all except consuming disk space according to the usage of the guest operating system.


Now Click Edit Settings for this Machine Choose Hardware From the top of the screen in-case if not already highlighted Now Click Memory And Choose RAM at least 1 GB is recommended (taught or told) by elders or experienced ones)it doesn't mean it won't work if you allocate 989 MB or 2 GB.Then Click OK And Start your Machine.In The Boot Menu, you will see Live written somewhere highlight Live and hit Enter And Enjoy.


Select New and Select Name which will appear for you to remember which operating system is it.then select type as Linux and version as UBUNTU 64/32 or Linux 64/32 according to The Kernel of your .ISO file which you downloaded from live Hacking OS's webpage.

Now Choose RAM (random access memory) actually you will see memory written on your wizard but I told RAM to tell you the importance of it.So you will choose wisely and efficiently for smoother performance.But choose at-least 1 GB or greater because it is recommended.

Create a new virtual hard disk. Select the second option “create a new virtual hard disk now“. Hit the "create” button.Actually This will be your virtual Hard Disk But it will be primary (on which Operating Systems Boots/Depends) hard Disk for guest Operating System.


Choose your Hard Disk file type as VDI and click next then choose dynamically allocated you can Also set fixed size because Dynamically seems to be better option for us instead if sucking whole hard disk storage at once its better to increase size as per usage.


Choose your hard disk size From 20 to 25 GB for Good performance.But at least 12 GB is required because This machine does not know that it is Virtual Machine It will bring every Driver and software with it like it does when you Install it on your System boot Sorry for the story but its for you.Now Click Create.


(1)Choose storage
(2)choose Empty
(3)Click on DVD icon next to IDE Secondary Master
(4) Choose a CD/DVD drive, Which is the Daemon tool lite's drive you have mounted. Click OK.And now start the engine.

Now find live in the menu then highlight it and hit enter actually live is a mode in Linux distributions to let you run Operating system without allocating hard Disk which means your data will be lost on power-off Now You are done. Congrats!

Thanks For reading how to install Live Hacking Os In Vmware And Virtual Box From Digital updates Please Do not hesitate at any cost to contact me if you feels any difficulty , errors or suggestions.

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