How to install knoppix as virtual machine step by step guide

Hi and welcome to my niche post about how to install Knoppix in VMware and VirtualBox Where else Knoppix is made to use in live mode but in order to save our data we are going to install it on VMware or Virtualbox. Knoppix is 14th most Popular operating system used by hackers according to digital updates research.
Knoppix Desktop
Knoppix Desktop


0.) Download Vmware and Virtual box.

If your PC is 64 bit I suggest VMware Workstation.before download search little bit on your PC that whether it supports virtualization technology you can see it in BIOS.


If your PC is 32 bit only Virtualbox will work.And bear this In your mind you Have to choose 32-bit kernel operating system files because of these lines on virtual box's site."Please note that the package architecture must fit your host operating system architecture. So if you are running a 32-bit kernel on a 64-bit capable CPU you have to install the32-bit version (x86/amd64)".
Download Oracle Virtual Box.

You Must Need anyone of them For Installing Linux Distributions On Your PC without deleting or Harming Windows.The installation Process Is Simple and doesn't need Any instructions but in case if you are stuck you Can Ask Without Hesitation.I guarantee the one who chooses VMware workstation will be in 80℅ less trouble.if they choose according to their kernel versions.


In order to download Knoppix ISO Click Below Link and click accept after reading TOS.(terms of service) Download Knoppix.ISO file from here After Completing Download Move ISO image To your desired directory.And open VMware or virtual box.

2) Now click on create a new Virtual machine for VMware or Only new for VirtualBox so that a new guided wizard for beginners will appear to guide us the whole setting process.For our safety, we should choose what's recommended.



1.D) People with VMware select typical installation.and click next in order to be smart and choose from default options mainly remember "Only Proud Swimmers SINK In water."

1.E) Now choose ISO file of Knoppix Linux which you downloaded in step 1.So Vmware will be able to Make a virtual CD or DVD For you to Install Kali.Without .ISO file it's like A Car without Engine.

1.F) Now select Linux and choose Debian 8X 64 bit or 32 bit.according to your Kernel version you can check your kernel version by right clicking on computer and choosing properties then find the word bit in it it will be either 32 or 64.

1.G) Now Set Name And directory/location where you wants to keep your guest operating system files and name Of The operating system which is just shown to you for differentiating between other operating systems In your VMware Workstation.

1.H) Now select Virtual disk space means the maximum space that can be consumed by operating for Knoppix the minimum size is 5 GB But I prefer to choose 10-15 GB For Smoothness.

1.I) Now review the hardware Configuration and start The Machine again If the machine doesn't starts don't forget to ask me in the contact to seek any kind of help from us.

Follow After Virtual Box To Complete Remaining Steps.


1.D) Now Select Name Which will be shown to you For Differentiating in between different guest operating systems And then Choose Type Which is  Linux of course and then select version.if you can't get version choose Debian 8X 64 bit if your kernel is 64 bit or select Debian 8X for 32 bit OS.

1.E) Now choose at least 1 GB of memory size i.e RAM and click next.please do not install Linux if you see the red line before or on 1 GB because sudden shutdowns of host OS were notified.

1.F) Create a new virtual hard disk. Select the second option “create a new virtual hard disk now“. Hit the "create” button.the virtual Hard disk will be the primary hard disk of Guest Operating System.

1.G) Choose your Hard Disk file type as VDI and click next then choose dynamically allocated you can Also set fixed size because Dynamically seems to be a better option for us instead if sucking whole hard disk storage at once it's better to increase size as per usage.

1.H) Choose your hard disk size From 25-30 GB for Good performance.But at least 5 GB required. And then Choose The Name As KALI Now Click Create.

(1)Choose storage
(2)choose Empty
(3)Click on DVD icon next to IDE Secondary Master
(4) Choose a Virtual CD/DVD disk file, Which is the Knoppix ISO you have downloaded. Click OK.And now start the engine.



1.) Now In your first boot select Live Install.
After reaching on your desktop search for the icon install Knoppix followed by version and double click on it.

2.) Now a new popup will appear named Flash-Knoppix highlight allow installation of the fixed hard disk and click OK.Actually, we have to give Knoppix installer the permission to install Knoppix on our hard disk which is virtually partitioned.

3.) Now select hard disk which must be solo named as VBOX or VMWARE followed by some other texts depending on your Host Software.If in case you have an external hard disk attached to your PC so verify by VBOX or VMware will be written somewhere in disk's name.

4.) highlight installation on FAT32 with additional overlay Partition and Click OK.Now a new window will pop asking for Confirmation Click Continue.After clicking continue a new pop will come again click confirm theirs.

5.) Now a new popup will appear asking for hard disk maximum size just give it whole hard disk we cant use it in windows.And Click order to let it settle automatically.
Hard Disk size Knoppix
Hard Disk size.
6.) Now again a new window will pop asking you for keeping your data encrypted by password or not.I choose No because no one uses my personal PC you can choose yes and choose a password. Then let the Installation finish and click OK.

7.) Now its time to remove ISO file From our Host Software.Because if we let it there we could create trouble for ourselves so that we could have to install Knoppix again.

then go to edit virtual machine then click CD/DVD (IDE) choose to use the physical drive and untick connect at Power on.
After the installation gets done you have to Remove the Knoppix image. Go to settings and choose storage under the Controller: IDE click on ISO which you attached first and choose Remove Attachment. This step is very important otherwise, the installation will restart.

---Thanks For reading My Post about How to Install Knoppix In Vmware And Virtual Box From Digital Updates Do not forget to contact for seeking help or for improvement suggestions.---

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