How To Install Deft Linux On Vmware Or Virtualbox

How To Install Deft Linux In VMware Or Virtual Box.You can use it as your primary Operating System but I suggest you To Use VMware Workstation in windows 7 or 10 64 bit or virtual box for 32 bit Operating Systems..How ever there are many Distributions of Linux Its impossible for me to tell you how to install all but Important Ones Are Here.(Don't Forget to comment If you found any bug or issue during these processes).

Intro image how to install deft linux

0.) Download Vmware and Vitual box.
If your PC is 64 bit I suggests it.

If your PC is 32 bit only it will work.And keep this In your mind you Have to choose 32 bit kernel because of these lines on virtual box's site "Please note that the package architecture must fit your host operating system architecture. So if you are running a 32-bit kernel on a 64-bit capable CPU you have to install the32-bit version (x86/amd64)".
You Must Needs anyone of them For Installing Linux Distributions On Your PC without deleting or Harming Windows..The installation Process Is Simple and don't needs Any instructions but in case if you are stuck you Can Ask Without Hesitation.I guarantee the one who chooses VMware workstation will be in 80℅ less trouble.if they choose according to their kernel versions.

1.) Downloading Deft LINUX:
First of All Download ISO image of Deft Zero As Shown Below from Here.And select DEFT 8.0.ISO you can choose DEFT zero too.It will not disturb any process of installation where if DEFT zero is Latest version.

1.B) After Completing installation Move ISO image To your desired directory.And open VMware or virtual box.Now click on create new Virtual machine for VMware or Only new for virtualbox .new screen will appear.asking you for beginning installations.


1.D) People with VMware select typical installation.and click next as below.The Typical installation means easy and straight forward installation in which VMware will just ask you on the points which are necessary to ask.

1.E) Now choose ISO file of  Deft which you downloaded in step 1.Where else this step could be done later but I want to make an easy understandable and most reliable Tutorial for you.that can also help you in installing different versions on yourself too.without needing guide next time.

1.F) Now select Linux and choose UBUNTU 64 bit or 32 bit according to the Kernel version of Guest Operating System.The Guest operating system is your Virtual Machine and bits can be confirmed by your host machine or by the ISO file you downloaded.

1.G) Now Set Name And directory/location where you wants to keep your guest operating system files and name Of The operating system which is just shown to you for differentiating between other operating systems In your VMware workstation.

1.H) Now select Virtual disk space means the maximum space that can be consumed by operating for DEFT the minimum size is 20 GB but if you use 25-30 GB it will work smoother.actually virtual disk space is the primary space of our Guest Operating Systems.

1.I) Now Click Edit Settings for this Machine Choose Hardware From the top of the screen in-case if not already choose Now Click Memory And Choose RAM at least 1 GB For Better Performance or if you see red label on one GB please do not DEFT because it can injure your RAM or can even make it useless.

1.J) Now review the hardware Configuration to confirm you are ready to land on fire of DEFT and start The Machine.If machine doesn't starts don't forget to ask me in comment or via Email no Matter For Me.

Follow After Virtual Box To Complete Remaining Steps.

1.D) Now Select Name Which will be shown to you For Differentiating in between different guest operating systems And then Choose Type Which is  Linux of course and then select version.The Version Of DEFT is Debain 64 bit for 64 bit kernel of ISO File Which you downloaded is step 1 And only UBUNTU For 32 bit Kernel.

1.E) Now choose at least 1 GB of memory size That is RAM.The vast you will allocate Random Access Memory for your virtual machine the more your virtual machine will work smoother.But Please do not go below 1 GB.and if you see red line starts on 1 GB then please do not install DEFT Or you RAM stick can be injured or even die.

1.F) Create a new virtual hard disk. Select the second option “create a new virtual hard disk now“. Hit the "create” button.Virtual Hard Disk is the primary Hard Disk of your guest operating system which is DEFT in our case.

1.G) Choose your Hard Disk file type as VDI and click next then choose dynamically allocated you can Also set fixed size because Dynamically seems to be better option for us instead if sucking whole hard disk storage at once its better to increase size as per usage.

1.H) Choose your hard disk size From 20 to 25 GB for Good performance.But at least 12 GB is required.Then Type the file location or browse it from clicking on folder up button and also name it according to you wish Now Click Create.and follow next step

(1)Choose storage
(2)choose Empty
(3)Click on DVD icon next to IDE Secondary Master
(4) Choose a Virtual CD/DVD disk file, Which is the DEFT ISO you have downloaded. Click OK.And now start the engine.
Steps For Allocating RAM
Steps For Allocating RAM

2.I) Now the Virtual Machine is ready to start. So select your VMware on Virtualbox menu, and click on “Start”. Then your DEFT OS will start.Then A boot menu will appear.Now Highlight Install Deft Linux 8 and hit Enter.

2.J) Now Choose Language And Click Continue.remember this will not be just only installation language but also your operating system's language if you wants to change it you have a golden chance or keep default which is English but please verify it sometimes Deft highlights German Too.

2.K) Now Installer asks you whether to install third party Software Do not Leave it Just Accept that because you are beginner and maybe you finds some difficulties in installing them manually and the second option is for installing updates no need to accept that yet you can install it later. then click continue and follow next step.

2.L) Now choose guided use entire disk and verify the hard disk by checking Vbox or VMware written in between or any where on drive's name and click continue.where else according to me you can just see one hard disk in your choose hard disk drop Box.

2.M) Now simply choose your location region and timezone.this will help you DEFT to understand your Time to be shown as you see it usually near you.Either if you do not feels to tell your location even to your local PC :D you can Select US or other.

2.N) Now Choose your Keyboard Layout By Matching the Keyboard Shown On Screen With Physical Keyboard Which is in your hand.You Can change by Clicking the language name or type to be more accurate.

2.O) On This Point choose your name (To be Displayed),USERNAME(You Login With),Your Password And Your Computer's Name will be shown to others on Local network to identify you PC.Now wait for the installation to be completed.

2.P) Now when prompt to restart Click Restart Now And Your Installation is completed."But people with Virtualbox please wait awhile" You Needs to follow one more step or your Installation will restart.
After the installation gets done you have to Remove the DEFT Linux ISO image. Go to settings and choose storage under the Controller: IDE click on ISO Image which you attached first and choose Remove Attachment. This step is very important otherwise, the installation will restart.
Steps For Allocating RAM
Steps For Allocating RAM
Thanks For reading How To Install Deft Linux Os In Vmware And Virtual Box From Digital Updates Please Do not hesitate at any cost to contact me if you feels any difficulty , errors or suggestions.

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