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Live products and services Provided by Google - Digital Updates

Welcome To Digital Updates In this Post We will Cover Almost all Searchable Products and services which are being provided by Google while Google is really far from us when talking about technology which you will see after reading the whole post.So Let's jump to the topic.But before going on the topic you can see my other interesting posts from Homepage.

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES PROVIDED BY GOOGLE:-Google Products and services are being provided to you in an organized and well-defined way. 1.PRODUCTS AND SERVICES WHICH ENABLES US TO SEARCH:-This category mainly focuses on search boxes through this category you can't find people or other things but yes Google has a service to help you finding people legally of course. Google Search:The world's heaviest And most optimized Search Engine For Global Area Network.
Google Videos search:Search For billions of videos by a query from Google Videos.
Google Books search:Search for any kind of Book by query right from google books.
Image Search…

How Typosquatting can hack Facebook account?

"Typosquatting": When hackers exploit typosquatting.
Unknown phenomenon, the "typosquatting" is to use the shells of Internet users to redirect them to websites at risk.
On the Internet, the most devastating cyberattacks are not always the most complex to achieve. In a report released Monday, Feb. 5, the computer security company Menlo Security puts forward a phenomenon unknown, which is played with the trust of Internet users. The "typosquatting" or "typosquatting", takes advantage of the typo of users to redirect them to copies of popular websites, full of traps.
The process consists of the acquisition of domain names closely resembling those of massively consulted sites. The difference is most often the spelling of such an address or its extension (.com or .net, for example). Once on the fake site, Internet users will be able to see advertisements to bring money back to the pirates, who benefit from the traffic recovered. This silent process c…

How To Spy your Child for his protection and Security for free -Digital Updates

5 Free And Paid Apps To Spy your child For Android And IOS To Protect And Secure Your Child From EVIL EYES On Internet.Hi in this post I will tell you how you spy your child's phone that can help you to train your child and how can you know where is your training is Compromised.So you can make your child an Ideal Person to stand in front of the whole world.Your child is Special For you but the problem is because they love to try new things and because of this behavior they sometimes can't find what can create a big problem for them and then they start hiding from you.They think that you will get hurt or scold them or whatever but this could be good for them.Not giving cell phones to your child can take them in depression and obviously you do not want your child to be depressed because you can judge every Child in the age of ten has been granted a smartphone.So why should your child don't have it?Please Grant him but in a way that you still know what your child is doing fr…

Ten Sites To Learn Anything For free - By - DIGITAL UPDATES

Ten Sites To Learn Anything You wants Online For Free.Welcome TO Our Post about ten sites to learn everything for free, actually means everything not just cooking, Farming, Coding, Database Management, Networking Administration But It Covers Each And every Thing in it to learn for Free.If you are bored in purchasing courses which does not mean what you want or aren't described in a straight Forward manner so you are in a good Place.Actually, I got a list of ten sites where you can learn Absolutely Freely among them you will find just one or two sites which can ask you for payment but I wrote them over here because they are meaningful or I have to tell you something about them that is really meaningful.So let's Start telling you what I have Got For you with Kindheartedly and with Love for those who are really interested in Seeking Knowledge about anything.

ARCHIVE (, Archive is not just Free Learning site but it also enables you to download software movies so…

How To Install Fedora Linux As Virtual Machine - DIGITAL Updates

Hi, you are in my niche post about how to install Fedora in VMware or virtual box I discussed both installations below while theInstallation of Fedora Linux is simple and Flexible and the second positive point is that Fedora is very easy to use and is decent operating system but Fedora cannot be installed on some PCs.Because of Bios if you have a slow PC then do not try Fedora.Because I already Lost my HP-8440p because of itBut no problem you can choose other operating systems from here.
STARTING THE INSTALLATION. 0.) Download Vmware and Virtualbox. If your PC is 64 bit I suggest VMware Workstation.before downloading VMware please search a little bit on your PC that whether it supports virtualization technology you can see it in BIOS. Download VMware Workstation Player. OR
If your PC is 32 bit only Virtualbox will work.And bear this In your mind you Have to choose 32-bit kernel operating system files because of these lines on virtual box's site."Please note that the package archite…

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